PPE3003--March 31

PPE3003--March 31 - PPE3003 3/31/08 Chapter 16 (part 2)...

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PPE3003 3/31/08 Chapter 16 (part 2) Sex, Gender and Personality I. Masculinity, Femininity, Androgyny, and Sex Roles a. 1930’s: assumption of a single dimension: “masculinity-femininity” b. Is it possible to score high on both masculinity and femininity? i. If yes: androgyny II. The Search for Androgyny a. 1970’s: researchers challenged the single dimension assumption i. Masculinity and femininity might be independent b. Developed new measures to assess 2 dimensions c. Many criticisms of new measures d. Research shows: masculinity-femininity is a single bipolar trait i. NOT 2 independent traits (you either fall on the masculine end or the feminine end of the spectrum) III. Gender Stereotypes a. Three components i. Affective: feeling ii. Behavioral: acting iii. Cognitive: thinking/categorization b. Content of stereotypes: i. Attributes we believe people possess c. Similar across cultures i. Women: 1. perceived as more communal and group oriented ii. men: 1. perceived as more instrumental, asserting independence from
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PPE3003--March 31 - PPE3003 3/31/08 Chapter 16 (part 2)...

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