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6PPE3003 Feb. 1 - PPE3003 2/1/08 Chapter 6 (part...

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PPE3003 2/1/08 Chapter 6 (part 1) Genetics and Personality I. The human Genome a. Genome: i. All of our genes b. Most people share most genes c. Very small percentage of genetic differences between people i. Some indirectly code for physical/personality traits 1. indirectly: a. expression depends on the environment of development 2. growth of pumpkin or watermelon, can put in a shaped box and will grow to become that shape II. Controversy about genes and personality a. Controversial i. Ideological concerns (equality/fairness) ii. Eugenics b. Important to i. Address implications of work ii. Be sensitive to ideological concerns iii. Avoid genetic determinism 1. view that: our genes influence who we are 100% iv. genes and environment interact, should look at both not just our genes III. Goals of behavioral genetics a. Determine i. What % of trait differences is due to genetics and what % is due to environment b. How genes and environment interact? c.
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6PPE3003 Feb. 1 - PPE3003 2/1/08 Chapter 6 (part...

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