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SYA4300 Assignments 1 to 4_and 6_SP08_11308

SYA4300 Assignments 1 to 4_and 6_SP08_11308 - Methods of...

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Dr. A. Schwabe, Spring 2008 Information on Course Project: Quantitative Research Paper Summary This purpose of this project is to integrate various components of research methods (i.e. research questions, library research, data analysis and interpretation) into a research paper. This research paper will be divided into five separate assignments, which you will combine into a final research paper (Assignment 6). Your final research paper will include a cover page and table of contents and the hard copy and Turnitin submission are both due on Tuesday, April 15th. After editing your work on the four prior quantitative assignments I will give you editorial feedback so you can revise the parts of the final paper along the way. In preparing the final research paper, you will need to edit the individual parts, but you will also need to create transitional headers, sentences or paragraphs so that each section is formatted like the others. You will also conduct a few qualitative interviews and write a brief qualitative research paper in an assignment (#5) separate from the quantitative paper assignments. You are required to type all assignments in Word and to turn them in via the Digital Drop Box in Blackboard. I will use the “Track Changes” tool in Word to edit and grade each assignment and will send it back to you by e-mail. You also need to turn in Assignment 6 (final project) to a TURNITIN link on Bb. As part of the project, you will be required to interpret data from the General Social Survey (GSS). I will analyze the data and provide you with results to interpret. However, I will also show you how to access to these data and teach you how to use SPSS, the statistical software that is used to analyze the GSS data, because most students find it useful. Below is a graphic that shows how to submit papers to Turnitin on Bb if you are not sure how to do this. Please make sure that your first and last names, course number and semester are printed on each page of each assignment. Please put this information in the “header” of the document so it repeats on each page. Save the file you send to me with the following format in the file name: Lastname_First name_Assignment#. E.g., “Schwabe_Annette_Assign1” This makes it easy for me to organize and find assignments and will help me get papers back to you more quickly. 1
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Dr. A. Schwabe, Spring 2008 Assignment 1: Introduction to Research Topic Due date: THURSDAY, January 24th Possible Points: 10 For this assignment you should have read Chapters 1 & 4 in the Adler & Clark text. Usually researchers pick a topic to study and then find a data set with which they can analyze their topic. However, it isn’t feasible to have students in this class use any data set they can find (finding a data set, alone might take the whole semester). So, I will have you use the GSS dataset, which is on our course Bb site. You will have to form your research topic from the list of
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SYA4300 Assignments 1 to 4_and 6_SP08_11308 - Methods of...

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