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PPE3003--Feb 18 - PPE3003 2/18/08 Chapter 9 (part...

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PPE3003 2/18/08 Chapter 9 (part 1) Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality I. Introduction a. Sigmund Freud i. Went to med school—psych wasn’t a big field in his time ii. Started treating people with “nervous disorders”—now commonly called psychological disorders iii. Basis for psychoanalytic theory: 1. parts of the mind are outside of conscious awareness this can affect the conscious mind II. Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic theory a. Psychic Energy —motivates all human activity b. Personality change occurs as psychic energy is redirected c. Basic instincts i. Instincts: strong innate forces that provide all motivating energy ii. Initially 2 basic instincts 1. self preservation 2. sexual instincts a. was strongly influenced by darwins ideas, wasn’t evolutionary psych persay but was influenced iii. later formulation 1. libido: a. sexual instincts + self-preservation 2. Thanatos: a. Death instinct (aggression) d. Unconscious Motivation i. Unconscious: 1. part of the mind holding thoughts and memories about
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PPE3003--Feb 18 - PPE3003 2/18/08 Chapter 9 (part...

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