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PPE3003--Feb 20 - PPE3003 2/20/08 Chapter 9 (part...

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PPE3003 2/20/08 Chapter 9 (part 2) Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality I. Anxiety a. Anxiety—an unpleasant state that signals that things are not right and something must be done b. Felt when control of ego is threatened by: i. Reality ii. Impulses from id iii. Harsh control from superego c. 3 types of anxiety i. Objective 1. response to real, external threats a. ex. getting a bad grade on an exam ii. Neurotic 1. conflict between id and ego iii. Moral 1. conflict between ego and superego iv. function of ego 1. cope with threats and defend against dangers 2. this can reduce anxiety v. ego deals with threats using “defense mechanisms” 1. Repression a. Pushing “unacceptable” thoughts/feelings into unconscious b. Ex. have romantic feelings for someone you knew you could never be with, thus ego pushes this to the unconscious mind 2. Denial a. Refusing to acknowledge reality b. Ex. you have a problem but instead of dealing with it you deny it exists i. Ignoring the fact that you failed a test by
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PPE3003--Feb 20 - PPE3003 2/20/08 Chapter 9 (part...

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