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10PPE3003 feb. 11 - PPE3003 2/11/08 Chapter 8 -Evolutionary...

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PPE3003 2/11/08 Chapter 8 Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality I. Evolution and natural selection a. Our ancestors accomplished two tasks: i. Survival to reproductive age ii. Reproduce b. Human nature: i. A collection of evolved mechanisms that helped our ancestors accomplish these goals c. Survival of the fittest i. Is NOT survival of the fittest individuals ii. IS survival of the fittest genes II. Natural selection a. Survival and reproduction—not always easy b. Adaptations: i. Inherited solutions to survive and reproduce problems posed by nature c. Darwin’s Breakthrough i. Theory of how adaptations are created and how changes take place over time: 1. Natural Selection d. There’s a lot of variety within a species e. Some survive and reproduce, some don’t f. Some traits better enable an organism to survive and reproduce ( more offspring) g. Offspring inherit traits that led to success h. “selected for” i. Traits that help survival/reproduction become more common in the
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10PPE3003 feb. 11 - PPE3003 2/11/08 Chapter 8 -Evolutionary...

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