cr - -There were numerous studies done, but that facts that...

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Getting to Start the Draft 1. Getting Started a. When to start your draft i. Early 1. Makes experience a positive one 2. Allows time to see different angles ii. Last Minute 1. Confuse relief with success 2. Often aren’t successful - A lot of time students think that waiting until the last  minute helps them work better. With a research paper  a lot of time you need to loop back to where you have  already been to insure there aren’t any holes. With a  lot of research you may find that your sources  disagree. 2. When the Experts Disagree a. When knowledge is contested, it is advanced
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i. Go with side that you find most convincing - The book gives an example about a time the author  researched lobsters and her sources differed. 3. Grade Inflation: Myth or Reality a. First claim: Grading has become more lenient
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Unformatted text preview: -There were numerous studies done, but that facts that I thought were most convincing were: i. Softer subjects exhibit most severe grade inflation ii. Especially noticed in Ivy League schools 1. In just 30 years, Harvards A average rose by 24% iii. SAT scored declined by 5% while grades increased dramatically iv. 1/3 of college and university students took remedial education courses v. Eighteen states currently have competency tests that all high school graduates must pass 1. Why is waiting till the last minute a bad idea, especially for a research paper? Research papers require you to look back at different angles. 2. When your experts disagree, how should you choose your side? Other sheet...
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cr - -There were numerous studies done, but that facts that...

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