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Unformatted text preview: OfTech 133 35-17p100 M E MO TO: All Executive Assistants F RO M: DATE: Barbara Azar, Staff Developmetn Coodinator March 24, 2008 SUBJECT: Standardizing Document Formats Last month we received our final shipment of new laser printer. The installation of these printers in your offices marked the final phase-out of all ink-jet printers. Because all of us can now use a variety of standardized fonts in our correspondence, please note the following change: From now on, all book and journal t i tles should be set in Arial Narrow. This new formatting change will help us to standardize our correspondence. The latest edition of the book Quick Reference for the Automated Office has two pages of helpful information on laser printers, which I have attached. Please read these pages carefully, and we will discuss them at our next meeting. Attachment ...
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