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35-17p100 - OfTech 133 35-17p100 MEMO TO FROM DATE SUBJECT...

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OfTech 133 35-17p100 MEMO TO: All Executive Assistants FROM: Barbara Azar, Staff Developmetn Coodinator DATE: March 24, 2008 SUBJECT: Standardizing Document Formats Last month we received our final shipment of new laser printer. The installation of these printers in your offices marked the final phase-out of all ink-jet printers. Because all of us can now use a variety of standardized fonts in our correspondence, please note the following change: From now on, all book and journal titles should be
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  • Spring '08
  • R.Miller
  • Inkjet printer, Laser printer, Arial Narrow, new laser printer, Staff Developmetn Coodinator, Barbara Azar

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