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OfTech 133 91-89p352 MEMO TO: Dr. Abraham Kramer FROM: Paula Campbell DATE: November 1, 2008 SUBJECT: Radiology Lab Closing Next week the Radiology Lab in Building D will be closed for repairs. I realize that this is the week you were going to take a group of interns to see our new equipment. I have arranged to have the Radiology Lab in Building C open for you to use so that you do not
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Unformatted text preview: have to postpone the meeting with the interns. I am sending over a passkey for the lab. The passkey will open three doors: main entry, hall entry, lab door. Would you please give me a call on Ext. 75 if this lab substitution is not satisfactory with you. c: Dr. Arnold, Dr. Kazinofski...
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