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31-5p87 - Connection for a continuing series of seminars on...

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OfTech 133 31-5p87 May 25, 2008 Ms. Linda Lopez Account Manager The Internet Connection 7625 Maple Avenue Pomona, CA 91765 Dear Ms, Lopez: Thank you so much for hosting the educational seminar last Tuesday that focused on the topic of high-speed Internet connections. Our company and our employees are now well prepared to make a decision about the best type of Internet connection for their particular needs. Because this seminar was so successful, I have been authorized to contract with The Internet
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Unformatted text preview: Connection for a continuing series of seminars on any topics related to emerging new technologies and trends as they apply to the needs of our company and our employees. I will call you on Monday so that we can arrange for a meeting to finalize some contractual issues. Once again, thank you for a very successful and productive seminar! Sincerely, Ruzanna Petroska Technology Spet...
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