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i love lucy notes

i love lucy notes - dumb ignorant Marge-must deal with the...

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love -schemes -no advance loses wedding ring -ricky took it, sick of taking it off, monday-8 -revolutionizes sitcom characters-quirky and dysfuntional -catchphrases -strives for stardom simpsons A Tale of Two Springfields change telephone area code Homer schemes by attempting to create a new town called new springfield. This change costs him free Who concert tickets. Half the town keeps the old telephone area code, thus the town is divided in that way. Homer- scheming similar to Lucy fantasy world, no reality
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Unformatted text preview: dumb, ignorant Marge-must deal with the outcome similar to Ricky.-homer not advanced sunday-8 Costuming: I love lucy-elegant and motherly lucy. kinda like june cleaver, ricky in a suit and professional. Neighbors-middle class, average wear. Set: Theme of a particular episode: Characters: Describe each main character Lucy- crazy red-head Time slot: Dialogue: How was “I Love Lucy” unique? How is your show similar to “I Love Lucy.”...
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