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Matlab Project I

Matlab Project I - CS100M Fall 2007 Project 1 due Thursday...

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CS100M Fall 2007 Project 1 due Thursday 9/6 at 6pm You must work either on your own or with one partner. You may discuss background issues and general solution strategies with others, but the project you submit must be the work of just you (and your partner). If you work with a partner, you and your partner must first register as a group in CMS and then submit your work as a group. Objectives Completing this project will help you learn about Matlab script, branching, simple loops, and some Matlab built-in functions. You will also start to explore Matlab graphics while taking another look at approximating π . 1 Approximating the perimeter of an ellipse Complete problem P1.1.4 in Chapter 1 of Foundations of Computational Science & Engineering by FVL. (See page 5 of Chapter 1, available through CMS). Save the script as ellipse.m . [ Revised 8/30: ] There was a typo in the old version of the posted Chapter 1. The correct formula for P 8 is P 8 = π ( a + b ) 3 - 1 - h 2 Write your answer to the last question of problem P1.1.4 as a comment at the end of your program. Note
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