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Genetics and Cellular Biology (Biol 204) Name _______________________________ EXAM FOUR April 27, 2007 Each question is worth 2 points. Circle the letter that indicates the best answer. a) b) c) d) 1. In order for a tumor to grow it needs to become vascularized. This process is called: a) angiogenesis. b) venogenesis. c) arteriogenesis. d) hemogenesis. 2. Oncogenes are typically: a) gain of function mutations. b) recessive mutations. c) loss of function mutations. d) null mutations. 3. The contractile ring theory states that cytokinesis is accomplished in animal cells using: a) microtubules. b) phragmoplasts. c) actin and myosin. d) kinesin and dynein. 4. Which of these stages of Prophase I (meiosis) is characterized by the completion of synapsis? a) Leptotene. b) Pachytene . c) Zygotene. d) Diplotene. 5. G proteins are a general class of proteins (which can be used in cell signaling pathways) that are activated when associated with GTP and are deactivated when the GTP is hydrolyzed to GDP. Which accessory protein is used to activate G proteins? a) GAP. b) cAMP. c) GDI. d) GEF. 6. Promoter fusion is common in leukemias and results from: a) a transversion mutation. b) a transition mutation. c) a chromosomal translocation. d) contact inhibition. 7. Which of these is NOT a way to regulate Cdk activity? a) Inhibitor molecules such as p21 b) Subcellular localization of cyclin out of the nucleus. c) Hydrolyze a GTP that is attached to Cdk. d) Phosphorylate Cdks. 8. Which of these differences is a classic example of genotype-by-sex interaction? a) Calico color in cats. b) Hemophilia in humans. c) Yeast mating types. d) Height in humans. 1
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9. Which of these is most important in artificial selection? a) Narrow-sense heritability. b) Threshold traits. c) Environmental variance. d) Categorical traits. 10. An additional property of p21 is to combine with GADD45 to slow down DNA synthesis. It does so by affecting this property of DNA polymerase: a) kinase activity. b)
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Exam4ak - Genetics and Cellular Biology(Biol 204 EXAM FOUR...

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