old questions Exam #2

old questions Exam #2 - Genetics and Cellular Biology (Biol...

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Genetics and Cellular Biology (Biol 204) Name _______________________________ EXAM TWO March 2, 2007 Each question is worth 2 points. Circle the letter that indicates the best answer. a) b) c) d) 1. In eukaryotic gene expression, what does a primary transcript possess that the mRNA does not? a) introns b) exons c) cap d) poly-A tail 2. Spliceosomes are abundant small nuclear particles composed of proteins and several small-specialized RNA molecules. Because of the unusual nature of these particles, they are also called: a) aminoacylated tRNAs b) polysomes c) SINE elements d) snRNPs 3. The fully formed ribosome is completed when the initiation complex reaches this site and recruits the 60S ribosomal subunit. a) The promoter b) The 5' cap c) The AUG codon d) The poly-A tail 4. A mutation in this class of genes results in the replacement of one body structure with another , e.g ., replacement of halteres with wings. a) Paramutable genes. b) Homeotic genes. c) TATA box genes. d) Pole cell genes. 5. The introduction of a few hundred nucleotide pairs of double-stranded RNA triggers the degradation of all RNA transcripts with homologous sequences in a phenomenon known as: a) deadenylation-dependent pathway. b) autoregulation. c) RNAi. d) riboswitch. 6. In Caenorhabditis, the segregation of polar granules in the first division to only one daughter cell is an example of ______________ determination of cell fate. a) autonomous b) positional c) coordinate d) epigenetic 7. During translation, the proper folding of more complex polypeptides is assisted by a ______________, which binds to hydrophobic groups and shields them from aggregation and give the polypeptide time to find its proper folding pathway. a) proteosome. b) episome. c) spliceosome. d) chaperone. 1
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8. In the process of gene expression, the protein made is called the: a) gene product. b) transcript. c) cistron. d) exon. 9. What underlies the fact that the 15qll deletion can cause either Pader-Willi syndrome or Angelman syndrome? a) Genomic imprinting b) Alternative splicing sites c) Alternative promoter sites d) Homothallism 10. The use of microarrays to study the coordinated expression of many genes simultaneously is called: a) the human genome project. b)
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old questions Exam #2 - Genetics and Cellular Biology (Biol...

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