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304 case grp wrk

304 case grp wrk - to his main aim of expanding company...

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BUAD 304 Group Work Case Facts T.Binkerhoff’s is mainly concerned about how to expand the company efforts and revenues. Kurt Mannheim now the safety supervisor and in charge of rig 22 is 50 years old and started working at the company in the 1970’s: has been working for the company for over 25 years, came from Austria (cultural difference?) Main problem that they discuss in the summary is that the owner wants to address concerns about tensions surrounding Kurt which are directly related
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Unformatted text preview: to his main aim of expanding company efforts • Binkerhoff knew, R.Koplous had little regard for Mannheim who was previously Rig 1E’s manager; Mannheim now the safety supervisor and in charge of Rig 22 expressed his concern about Rig 1e’s safety. • Mannheim accused Kopolous of allowing alcohol in 1-e crews base camp • Binkerhoff was considering promoting Kopolous to a new job of field manager & was concerned more about the safety of Righ 20 which was under Tom Rossick •...
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