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Ethics Syll - 1 P HILOSOPHY 160 – I NTRODUCTION TO E...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 P HILOSOPHY 160 – I NTRODUCTION TO E THICS I G ENERAL I NFORMATION Instructor: Larry James E-Mail: [email protected] Webpage: Login to blackboard at: Phone: 864-2139 Mailbox: Located in the Philosophy Department, 3090 Wescoe Office: 3051 Wescoe Office Hours: MW 3:00 – 4:00, or by appointment Large Lecture: MW 8:00 – 8:50am, 3140 Wescoe Discussion sections: Joseph Braun [email protected] Stacy Elmer [email protected] Courtney Gustafson [email protected] Wed, 12 - 12:50, 3097 Wescoe Thur, 8 - 8:50, 4063 Wescoe Fri, 10 - 10:50, 203 JRP Wed, 3 - 3:50, 505 Summerfield Thur, 1 - 1:50, 3097 Wescoe Fri, 1 - 1:50, 505 Summerfield Fri, 1 - 1:50, 3097 Wescoe Thur, 2:30 - 3:20, 505 Summerfield Fri, 2 - 2:50, 505 Summerfield Fri, 2 - 2:50, 4011 Wescoe Fri, 8 - 8:50, 4050 Wescoe Fri, 3 - 3:50, 505 Summerfield II T EXTS ( MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET THE CORRECT EDITION ) 1. Thomas Mappes and James Zembaty, Social Ethics: Morality and Social Policy (7 th edition). Henceforth, SE . 2. James Rachels, The Elements of Moral Philosophy (5 th edition). Henceforth, EMP . III C OURSE D ESCRIPTION Philosophy 160 introduces students to theories of ethics and value theory. This course is a comprehensive survey of different ethical theories (i.e., what makes something right or good) and central issues in ethics (such as abortion, world hunger and the environment). In covering these theories we will critically analyze and debate their strengths and weaknesses, and we will come to have a nuanced understanding of the relevant issues. Almost everyone comes to an ethics class with opinions about the subject matter to be covered. But, you must expect to encounter theories that will challenge some of your core beliefs. At times, the subject matter of ethics makes some uncomfortable and emotional. I ask that you treat these issues philosophically (i.e., be open-minded) and maturely, even if some of the subject matter we cover is contrary to your own beliefs. At all times please demonstrate the utmost respect for your classmates. You will be expected to come to each class prepared and willing to participate. 2 IV G RADING Participation ( 20% of total grade ) • See Reading & Attendance below. Four exams (8 0% of total grade, 20% each. Tests are not comprehensive. ) • Wednesday, February 13 • Wednesday, March 12 • Wednesday, April 16 • Monday, May 12 V C OURSE R EQUIREMENTS AND P OLICIES Reading & Attendance You are required to read all of the material marked as required on the schedule. For every reading you do, you are required to write a 200-word, typewritten , summary (so, two readings...
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Ethics Syll - 1 P HILOSOPHY 160 – I NTRODUCTION TO E...

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