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Extra credit essay

Extra credit essay - The Strengths and Weaknesses of Toad...

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Toad and Siegfried The Nibelungenlied narrates the adventures of Siegfried, a prince of the Netherlands, as he falls in love with the princess Kriemhild of Burgundy. Siegfried fights courageously in battle and is renowned for his bravery. Similarly, in the Kung Fu movie The Five Deadly Venoms , Toad demonstrates bravery and skill in martial arts. Both of these characters excel in fighting due to a specific strength, iron-like skin, while containing one weak spot. The exploitation of these weak spots, the back of Siegfried and the ears of Toad, allows for the demise of these great fighters. Siegfried is one of the best warriors in the Netherlands and exhibits skill and bravery in battle. Siegfried is always fearless in fighting and willing to win glory for his country. However, this fearlessness can be attributed to his almost impenetrable skin. According to Kriemhild, “when he slew the dragon at the foot of the mountain the gallant knight bathed in its blood, as a result of which no weapon has pierced him in battle ever since” ( Nibelungenlied 121). Because of this, Siegfried is safe from the javelins hurled at him and battle and the swords swung at him. The dragon’s blood conferred a super human strength to Siegfried that is advantageous in battle. He cannot be wounded by weapons and therefore can
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