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JPN 310 Spring 2008 Presentation 1 When: Thursday, March 13 th   THEME: To Explain a Procedure You may work individually or in pairs. Examples of topics are; how to cook something, how to use something, how to make something, how to play something, etc. Objectives To deliver a 5 - 10 minute oral presentation fluently  To distribute a typed vocabulary list with English translation for your audience To use visual materials effectively (NO REAL FOOD PLEASE)
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Unformatted text preview: • To ask questions about other speakers’ presentations in Japanese • To respond to the questions from the audience promptly in Japanese Procedure 1/29 Introduction Brainstorming Choose a topic 2/7 Outline Research 2/19 Work on visual materials Compose Japanese manuscript 2/28 Work on visual materials Compose Japanese manuscript 3/4 Presentation draft due (11:59 p.m. to the BB) 3/11 Practice 3/13 Presentation Day...
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