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Study Guide #4 revised after snow day

Study Guide #4 revised after snow day - Study Guide#4 Basic...

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Study Guide #4 Basic Art Experiences Raoul Deal REVIZED AFTER SNOW DAY W 2/27 (Lec 7) Manifest Destiny- Destruction of Nature and Genocide M 3/3 (Lec 8) U.S./Mexico, (lithography and Santeros ) and images of the Civil War Read pp.186-217, 226-238 M 3/5 (Lec 9) The US Capitol, and other “monuments to freedom” Read pp. 217-225, 239-245, 258-260 LEC 7 Conventions in American Landscape painting: the sublime (two types), and the picturesque- which paintings fall into which category(ies)? Pay special attention to these painters: o Trumbull o Cole o Church o Kennset 19 th century European American painters sometimes thought of the Native Americans as nature. How is this reflected in their paintings? Pay special attention to o Catlin o Bodmer o King The effects of progress and the settling of the West on nature as recorded in paintings by: o Bierstadt. o Leutze o Durand, Duncanson, Innes Woman as Nature: the Nude, the Mother and the Cook o John Vanderlyn’s “Ariadne, Asleep at the Island of Nexos” o Lily Martin Spencer
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