Lecture 3: Print Media in North America

Lecture 3: Print Media in North America - Lecture 3: Print...

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Lecture 3: Print Media in North America Tracts 0. 0. Printers began to publish pamphlets, or what they called tracts -- sort of like paper bulletin boards 0. Sometimes they presented specialized knowledge 1. 1. but were more likely to provide a kind of broad overview of current events 2. by current we mean during the past few months 1. The tracts were to have major impacts, because they were short and very cheap: 3. 3. They encouraged literacy -- easily available, people wanted to be able to read them. 4. 4. they told people about what was going on in politics and government, and so began to stimulate interest in what had just been taken for granted before. The first known illustration of the news of the day occurred in a tract dated 1607. 2. After 1607, woodcuts were often used to illustrate tracts 3. 3. Murderer illustrations and executions were very popular and kept tracts going until mid-19 th century Tracts and Media Economics 0. 0. Printers found that there was a regular, predictable market for the tracts -- 0. The same people, or same kinds of people, tended to buy each issue 1. Printers could begin to gauge the interests of a stable audience 2. Printers could also estimate the size of the audience ahead of time 1. 1. what we know of today as circulation 2. 2. a quantitative expression of audience size 0. The First Newspapers 3. The first newspaper, printed from wooden blocks, probably appeared in China more
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than 1,200 years ago. News at that time was bits of wisdom from religious leaders and official notices of government decrees. 4. In early 1600s Gutenberg’s printing press allowed newspapers to be mass produced in Europe. 5. By the 1640s Italian newspapers were covering local fires and murders. These papers sold for a small coin called the Gazetta, which is where we get the word Gazette. 5. In the 1530s the Spanish established the first press in the Americas. It produced texts for teaching Spanish to Indians in Mexico City. 6.
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Lecture 3: Print Media in North America - Lecture 3: Print...

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