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Lecture 5: 19th Century – A Century of Invention

Lecture 5: 19th Century – A Century of Invention -...

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Lecture 5 0. 0. The 19 th Century: A Century of Invention 1. Telegraph, Telephone, Audio Recording and Motion Pictures Telegraph 2. Morse’s Invention 3. 1844 4. Rapid expansion and development Development of the Phonograph 0. Early Attempts to Record Sound: 0. Paper recordings 1860s (now lost) 1. 1877 – Frank Lambert talking alarm clock 1. 1877 - Thomas Edison invented the phonograph 2. Trying to improve the telephone and telegraph 3. The idea came to him of recording sound 4. Used wax cylinders Phonograph Uses 0. First – a novelty 1. A dictation machine 2. Books for the blind 3. Education 4. Recording family members’ voices 5. Preservation of correct pronunciation 6. Records of important phone calls Soon the novelty wore off – by the 1890s 7. Very little uses for the phonograph 8. Few recordings, few players 9. No method of reproducing from a master -every record was a performance 10. A record might take months to produce – recording as many as 25,000 times. 11. Finally solved the problem around 1900 – allowed mass production
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Competing Technologies “Ethnic” Music 5. George W. Johnson – 0. street performer 1. former slave Led to pop music as a commercial enterprise 6.
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