Lecture 9: Black Shadows

Lecture 9: Black Shadows - Lecture 9 DEVELOPMENT OF RADIO...

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Lecture 9: DEVELOPMENT OF RADIO – Quick Review 0. Early Technical Development 0. Telegraph (Morse, 1844) 1. 1. “What hath God wrought?” 2. Telephone (Bell, 1876) 3. 3. "Mr. Watson--Come here--I want to see you." Some saw telephone’s potential as a mass medium Radio was Developed in Stages 0. Like the development of motion pictures, radio was the result of a combination of inventions and ideas from a lot of different people. 1. 1. The development of the telegraph permitted people to send messages across great distances. The development of the telephone meant that voices could be transmitted over great distances. 2. 2. next logical step was to develop the ability to transmit information without using wires. In general, Marconi is given credit for developing radio - although he actually demonstrated wireless telegraphy. Guglielmo Marconi’s radiotelegraphy 1. 1895 – sent a message via radio waves across his father’s estate 2. Established the Marconi Corporation Early Radio 3. Earliest uses - radiotelegraphy
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4. Navy – ship to shore, ship to ship 5. Department stores for purchase information 6. 1912 – David Sarnoff working in Wanamaker’s dept. store 4. Hired by American Marconi 7. (later Radio Corporation of America) Radio as a Mass Medium Evolves slowly 0. 0. In 1906, Lee De Forest invented his "Audion" tube which aided in amplications of signals. 1. In 1909, DeForest used various radio equipment to broadcast the voice of Enrico Caruso from the Metropolitan Opera. 2. 2. By 1916, the first newscast was broadcast - DeForest broadcast results of the Wilson - Hughes election -- declared Hughes the winner. 3. Frank Conrad – working for Westinghouse in Pittsburgh Experimental station Music delivered to homes? 0.
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Lecture 9: Black Shadows - Lecture 9 DEVELOPMENT OF RADIO...

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