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Article 2

Article 2 - also learns and understands how to dispose...

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Article Title: Environmental Protection, Containment and Recycling for Mobile Oil Change Companies Article Author: Lance Winslow Article Publication: Ezinearticles.com Date of Publication: May 27, 2005 Article 2 Ethical practices of large oil companies do exist, and protecting the environment should be a huge concern and number one priority for and mobile change company. These mobile oil companies must take the responsibility of the environment very seriously while taking pride in their products and services. I am happy to report that the company focused on in this article has a perfect record in protecting the environment from product. The company writing the article also believes that following environmental procedure to be a fairly easy task. The company I am writing about has each member of staff go through a rigorous training, each worker
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Unformatted text preview: also learns and understands how to dispose properly of motor oil so it does not end up n our healthy environment or our water supply. Not only is it great public relations to support your training and healthy practices, it also lets your lower employees know that our environment and proper disposal are to be taken seriously! Being fully EPA compliant and keeping fully insured is necessary. All services should be preformed cleanly and safely. Winslow writes, “ should make sure your customer knows that by using your service with state of the art, and top of the line containment mats and suction devices, oil is never exposed and cannot drip or spill onto the ground.” The company also gave the website www.oilchangeguys.com for tips and healthy ways of doing business....
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