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Article Title: Cultivating a Dynamic Corporate Culture Article Author: Mack Chapman Article’s Publication: Date of Publication: November 20, 2007 Article 5 The author of the article describes a culture simply as any set of informal or formal rules that a particular group follows. He also states that the culture of any organization will determine the quality and quantity of the product and/or services the company produces. This fact makes managing and maintaining the proper corporate culture of superior importance. The culture of an organization will determine the effectiveness of corporate strategies and ventures. Companies with solid corporate identities will achieve more, faster. A culture of a company must be congruent with the companies overall
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Unformatted text preview: organizational strategy. Without congruency, conflict will arise when different subcultures within an organization see common problems through different lenses. Managers are often too busy managing, rather that leading and molding the culture of their business units. Chapman states, “Rarely can significant accomplishments be reached by an individual's effort. However, all significant accomplishments have begun by an individual vision.” At every level of an organization, cultures are created. The most successful cultures are maintained and strengthened by successful managers. At every level of the company A culture must be nourished and treated with the highest authority for success....
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