Gore is definitely an prganic model

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Buad 304 14748 Assignment 4 1,Gore is definitely an organic model. It is a boundary less organization. There is no direct chain of command, instead each member of the organization is allowed to freely associated and communicate with each other. Because there is no titles in the company there is no formal power and no departmentalization. Each worker can technically do whatever he or she wants. There are also no managers or supervisors which means there is no chain of command. Also decisions would be made by the team and then implemented by the team. All of these criterias fit in to the model of an organic structure. Their strategy is on that is geared toward innovation. Because Gore himself believes that innovation is the greatest at an informal environment he places this informal environment in him company in order to promote innovation. Workers are given time to come up with their own innovations in their free time and thus they can help promote the innovation of the company. Another thing is that the company does not fit into either of the other
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