Sample Questions Midterm 1

Sample Questions Midterm 1 - Please Note There will be a...

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Please Note: There will be a study session for exam #1 on Wednesday evening, February 5 in Roessler 66 at 6:10 p.m. The exam will cover all of the material on the syllabus through Chapter 4. Astronomy 10 S Sample Questions – Exam #1 An excellent visual review for this exam would be to look at some of the animations on the textbook WEB site….and view the short videos under the following Chapters: Chapter 2 – Knowing the Heavens Chapter 3 – Eclipses & the Motion of the Moon Chapter 4 Gravitation & The Waltz of the Planets The answers to these questions are located far below the last question – try to answer the questions first before you peek at the answers. 1. If you saw the North Star (Polaris) about 10 degrees from your zenith, where might you be on Earth? a) in the Tropics but not on the equator b) on the Equator c) in the Arctic but not at the North Pole d) at the North Pole e) somewhere in near San Francisco 2. Which of the following celestial objects can NEVER be seen on your local meridian at midnight ? a) Polaris c) Mercury b) the Moon d) Jupiter e) the star Sirius 3. When the Moon passes in front of the sun during an eclipse, which side of the sun will be eclipsed first? HINT: In which direction does the Moon move across the sky because of its monthly motion? a) north c) east b) south d) west 4. Tycho Brahe refuted the Copernican system with the Earth revolving around the sun because he a) could not get along with Copernicus b) was regularly clouded out at his observatory on the island of Hveen c) did not observe retrograde motion d) could not measure stellar parallax e) found that only the sun moving around the Earth could explain total solar eclipses
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5. In which phase is the Moon if it is visible right above your eastern horizon just before Sunrise? HINT: How does the Moon move on the sky? What will be it's next phase?
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Sample Questions Midterm 1 - Please Note There will be a...

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