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Exam 1 Version 1

Exam 1 Version 1 - Name Date TEST FORM B Please pick the...

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Name: ___________________________________ Date: ______________ TEST FORM B Please pick the best answer for each question and bubble your answer in on the scantron. You may write on this exam, but will only receive credit for your answers on the scantron. Be sure to write your name, and write and bubble in your id number, and test form on the scantron as well. GOOD LUCK! 1. At about eight months of age, people across the world start to ________ strangers; as adults they prefer the company of those whose attributes are ________ to their own. A) fear; similar B) enjoy; different C) fear; different D) enjoy; similar 2. Which of the following methods is most helpful for revealing cause-effect relationships? A) the survey B) the experiment C) correlational research D) naturalistic observation 3. In an experimental study of the effects of anxiety on self-esteem, anxiety would be the ________ variable. A) experimental B) dependent C) correlational D) independent 4. Psychologists' personal values and goals: A) are carefully tested by means of observation and experimentation. B) lead them to avoid experiments involving human participants. C) can bias their observations and interpretations. D) have very little influence on the process of scientific observation.
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students is +0.85, this would indicate that: A) there is very little statistical relationship between weight and reading ability among elementary school students. B) low body weight has a negative effect on the reading abilities of elementary school children. C) better reading ability is associated with greater physical weight among elementary school students. D) body weight has no causal influence on the reading abilities of elementary school children. 6. At age 12, Sean is happy, self-reliant, and has a positive self-image. It is most likely that Sean's parents are: A) permissive. B) conservative. C) authoritarian. D) authoritative. 7. If research suggested that a pregnant mother's use of an artificial sweetener caused harm to the fetus, the artificial sweetener would be considered a: A) FAS. B) form of DNA. C) depressant. D) teratogen. 8. Mike Crampton's stockbroker has informed him that he has suffered substantial investment losses. When Mike tells his wife, she angrily responds, “I could have told you that your investment plan would fail!” Her comment best illustrates: A) the hindsight bias. B) illusory correlation. C) the placebo effect. D) replication. 9. Instead of happily exploring the attractive toys located in the pediatrician's waiting room, little Sandra tenaciously clings to her mother's skirt. Sandra most clearly shows signs of: A) conservation. B) egocentrism.
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Exam 1 Version 1 - Name Date TEST FORM B Please pick the...

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