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ENG 101 Essay 2.3 - Budzyn 1 Dan Budzyn Curtis Burdette ENG...

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Budzyn 1 Dan Budzyn Curtis Burdette ENG 101 T,R 11:00 Feb. 15 th , 2008 A Rhetorical Analysis of Bill Simmons’ “ Everybody is down on the Shaq deal. Guess what? Everybody is wrong.” For many years in the past the NBA trade deadline was a day that held a lot of anticipation. It usually delivered excitement, leaving some fans feeling great, some in shock, and some in despair. The NBA had always been the league where the trade deadline meant something. Desperate teams and teams on the verge of doing something great would roll the dice and actually make a move in the right direction. Teams went for immediate results, and everyone loved them for it. It is far more exciting to watch people do something such as make a trade, than to do nothing. For example not making any moves and just hoping for the best. It can be compared to poker, when one player goes all in, everything is on the line. The player can look like a genius or like a moron. It is this kind of car wreck feeling, in part, that made the NBA trade deadline always so appealing. In recent years however, the NBA trade deadline looked at its peers like the MLB, NFL, and NHL and turned into the same boring spitting image. So much so that last year not one trade was made on the deadline. Not only that, but in recent history no major trades were made. It had seemed that every executive and general manager in the NBA had turned into a coward who was scared to gamble, and roll the dice on something that could win them the ultimate prize. ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons wrote a
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Budzyn 2 column last year ripping into NBA GM’s for “…having no balls”. This year, however, one team in Phoenix made a huge trade, one that took courage, and one that was very close to the deadline. This trade received a lot of ridicule, some saying “It just doesn’t fit” or “They could have got more” or as Bill pointed out “…Nobody would have criticized them had they done nothing”. Bill’s main argument supported the trade, and
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ENG 101 Essay 2.3 - Budzyn 1 Dan Budzyn Curtis Burdette ENG...

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