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hw1 - He needs to show that he is unique 3 In fact this...

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1. As mentioned in the case incident, many used-car dealers have been using hard-sell techniques that results in dealers’ higher profit from selling used-cars; they charge customers more than what used-cars actually are worth. Moreover, some used-car dealers sometimes perform major bodywork on severely broken vehicles and sell them as if those vehicles didn’t have any major damages. Such deceitful behavior of some used-car dealers has created negative stereotypes towards used-car dealers and put Joe in a difficult position although he is not one of the dishonest dealers. 2. Joe can provide good quality services to the customers in order to counter the stereotype of used-car dealers. He shouldn’t seek his profits before the customers are satisfied with their cars. Also, he can prove that he is not one of the unreliable dealers via great deals such as two-week return policy or extended dealer warranty on purchased vehicles.
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Unformatted text preview: He needs to show that he is unique. 3. In fact, this negative stereotype toward used-car dealers might be beneficial to Joe. As long as Joe continues to love his job, treat customers nicely and provide good services, the customers will realize that he is not one of the used-car dealers that they usually think of and will come back to him when they need to buy used cars again. The customers will find out he is better than most stereotyped used-car dealers. 4. I think that AutoNation has become very successful in spite of public’s perception of used-car dealers because of diversified and reliable products and services. They not only sell used-cars, but also sell new cars and auto parts. Therefore, they are able to take over more market shares and produce more profits. Also, they provide dependable products and services so that customers can believe the company and come back for future purchases....
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