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study questions class 4

study questions class 4 - Models of the Atom 1 2 Rungs on a...

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Models of the Atom 1) 2) Rungs on a ladder – they can only have discrete values rather than being continuous 3) 4) electrons do not have a precise location in the atom describes electron position in terms of probability 5) 2, 8 6) stable – don’t react with other atoms 7) Electrons in the outer shell - “valence” means “capacity,” since these electrons reflect the capacity of the atom to participate in bonding interactions with other atoms. Chemical Bonding 1) A helium atom already has a filled electron shell and therefore does not react with other atoms. A hydrogen atom does not have a filled shell, so two H atoms form a covalent chemical bond 2) A covalent chemical bond is formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons
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