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Starr “The First Wire”

Starr “The First Wire” -...

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Starr “The First Wire” A. Europe a. Telegraph/telephone control of the state i. Funding, regulation, starting wires b. Slow dissemination due to war/political fragmentation c. Telegraph companies agreed to impose high prices criticized by papers B. America a. Private enterprise monopolies govt regulation b. More dissemination – succeeded i. Couldn’t stop competition ii. Contracts with Railroads c. Concept similar to other network (ie: telephone, roads, trains) d. Morse electromagnetic telegraph i. Fed govt owned 1 st US telegraph line investment C. The press and the telegraph a. Press start up capital for telepgrah b. Associated press (capable of broadcasting national news): news gathering
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Unformatted text preview: content business transmits by wires sent to local papers c. Concentrated on local news beforehand (due to time of National news) d. Newspapers now have standardized structure e. Less flowery language/less tastes/more sensation content D. Western Union Dominance a. Bought up rivals – 1 st National monopoly b. Opposition telegraph Act of 1866 i. No new competition emerged, but there was a price restraint E. Wiring the News a. Transatlantic cables went through Britain – filter on way to American pub. b. 4 th Amendment – privacy of letters...
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