Sconce “The Voice from the Void”

Sconce “The Voice from the...

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Sconce “The Voice from the Void” I) Connecting the dead through technology a. During Ind. Revolution lots happened in short period of time made people believe in crazy things b. Edison & Crookes wanted to eliminate mediums to contact dead II) Telepgrah/Telephony a. More unsettling to public than contact the dead b. Immediate exp. Of remote person/event
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Unformatted text preview: scary (isolation in community) c. “Etheric Ocean” – brings anxieties and hopes III) The Dx Dead/Fishing (getting as many stations as you can pick up) a. Reception (not content) radio draw-in b. Haunted stories radio, phone c. Disembodied voices – less isolation/bringing people you don’t want into your home...
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