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Gender - iii Males tossed in air pick up from crib faster...

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I) Gender a. Generalizations i. Changes fairly quickly- roles have been constantly changing ii. Sexual variations differ from mainstream generalizations iii. Tested 100 people- watched 30 people (1/2 gay) 1. 70% rate of accuracy w/verbal and nonverbal b. Difference b/w sex and gender i. Sex- biological/physical ii. Gender- psychological/social c. Culture i. Each culture has a difference concept of gender role ii. Expectations of gender change iii. Sexism- exploitation of one sex by the other for personal agenda d. Biology/Nature i. Men (were hunters/gatherers): stronger, larger, higher birthrate death, die younger ii. Women (stay @ home for kids): have kids, breastfeeding iii. Psychobiology- innate behaviors inbreeded (ie: herder dogs) iv. Hormones 1. Estrogen- maternal (rights side of the brain: sensitivity/verbal) 2. Testosterone- aggression (left side of brain: math/special) e. Nurture - sociology i. Taught to be certain ways ii. Kindergarten- girls (smaller space/table and chairs) males (larger space/rug)
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Males: tossed in air, pick up from crib faster iv. Females: raise hand/play by the rules males: blurt out f. Psychology i. Women-1. introspective (look more in the inside) 2. Blame themselves 3. Close relationships w/other women 4. Teach children sensitivity/care about others 5. Affairs: cares if husband fell in love 6. Interviews: ask questions, harder on themselves 7. Anger: verbalized ii. Male: 1. Outside (put up barrier) self protective device 2. Blame others 3. Not serious relationships w/other males/competition 4. Teach children emotional stability, thicker skin 5. Affairs: cares if wife had sex 6. Interviews: goal oriented/more defensive 7. Anger: holds more guilt g. Language i. Structure: time (hi/bye) & gender (waiter/waitress) ii. Men- more direct language, women- fillers h. Nonverbal Communication i. Women: smile more, closed posture, touch more ii. Men: more eye contact, more space...
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  • Fall '06
  • Burton
  • difference b/w sex, Psychobiology- innate behaviors, higher birthrate death, Psychology i. Women1., self protective device

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Gender - iii Males tossed in air pick up from crib faster...

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