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2-20 notes - th century 35 own at least one book i Looked...

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2/20 I) Printing- Reformation a. Page every 20/seconds typos b. Luther exploited new technology – theses spread c. 1/3 of all works printed by Luther d. Protestantism + print capitalism II) Renaissance a. Shift in style of reading: intensive extensive (due to increase in books) b. Recovery of classical texts – church no longer has monopoly on info c. Please begin questioning (ie: locke, gallileo) d. Happier if they obey themselves and self interest rather than the king/church III) Novels- rise of mass culture a. Silent reading – not widespread until he 10 th century i. New kind privacy/intimacy pornography b. 17
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Unformatted text preview: th century- 35% own at least one book i. Looked like sheets of paper folded (pamphlets) chapbooks c. Oral traditions were converted into print and then back into spoken language d. Very little text assumed short attention-span e. Mainly a collective activity f. 3 characteristics: fast-paced narrative, realistic detail, escape g. Life of an ordinary individual might be wroth telling (the hero is us) i. Our culture of narrative/story-telling has come to be all about misfits h. Epistolary novel (love letters exchanged b/w characters) i. Women marrying for love...
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