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I) Media in Communication a. Informational/persuasive: Informs you, but way it presents itself is persuasive: we are bias b. i. 80% of literature is made to be informational ii. need to know resources and be fair c. 3 Types i. Print – newspaper (reputations are a big deal), magazines (more education = more mags/slower but more reliable) ii. Electronic – tv (made mags find niche), internet
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Unformatted text preview: faster but more inaccurate iii. Photo movies d. Journalists gate-keepers not everything can fit/must pick what info gets in e. Brain washing effect: hear it repeatedly (24 hr coverage repeats news)/makes you start to believe it f. Mediums (2 types) i. Drives thought Documentary ii. Mirrors Society celebs in mags, less controversial shows...
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