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Fischer “The Telephone in America”

Fischer “The Telephone in...

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Fischer “The Telephone in America” I) 4 Movements a. Innovation b. Monopoly i. Bell Monopoly 1880-1893 ii. Congestion @ switchboards service not adequate iii. Vail: established better quality @ higher cost iv. Made for businesses because Bell opposed lower rates for residential calls c. Era of Competition 1894-WWI i. Competition occurred when Bell’s patent expired ii. Rates dropped more subscribers iii. Bell still only long distance carrier iv. Public telephones emerged v. Rates depended on competition in area (higher rates in urban areas)
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Unformatted text preview: d. Consolidation & Depression WWI-WWII i. Depression less customers ii. New deal more regulation iii. More diffusion of phone in America II) Social & Cultural: Educating the Public a. Free Publicity – 1 st PR (i.e.: mentioned in church life, newspapers) b. Explicit advertising, door-to-door subscriptions c. Finding Uses: Novelty (train times), sales pitches, emergencies d. Campaigns against misconduct (eavesdropping on party lines)...
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