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representing the world review

representing the world review - Media-Made Reality...

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Media-Made Reality: Re-Presenting the World Chapter 5- Media & Ideology I) Ideology- System of meaning that defines/explains the world & makes judgments about that world A. “Dominant Ideology” vs. Cultural Contradictions 1. “Culture Wars” – promote positions through media on issues (abortion/homosexuals) B. Ideology as Normalization 1. Media shows limited amount of behaviors/lifestyles 2. Normalization- process which every culture establishes norms/values prevailing ideology 3. Patterns- ideas/attitudes included in media are up for debate excluded are ignored II) Theoretical Roots of Ideological Analysis A. Marxist 1. “False consciousness” working class served interests of ruling class 2. “Revolutionary Consciousness” working class own material interests 3. Ideology understood in straight-forward economic-class terms (ie: capitalists individual and free market) B. Hegemony 1. Connections questions of culture, power, and ideology 2.
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