chapter 10

chapter 10 - Globalization & New Media: Issues & Ethics...

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Chapter 9 - Differing technology capabilities concert: hear/described through many different media - Mediating Communication: traditional forms have a one-to-many orientation involve sender and anonymous receivers one way communication - Internet replaces “one to many” with “many to many” - TV/Internet rethinks time and space, our sense of “distance” has changed - “virtual community” – communities no longer have to be geographically based. Ex. Telecommunications - Technological Determinism – identifies technology as the central casual element in social change. Fischer: “billiard ball” theory – tech introduced into soc situation producing ricochet effect. No human agency. - Technology + Media Enviornment: medium theory: body of lit focusing on tech aspects of media beyond content - McLuhan: “the medium is the message” new media tech reworks the balance of our senses, helped create environment that produced Western capitalism development of comm. Based “global village” - Images/Public Life printed word = rationality/scientific thinking
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hard to discern imge from reality pseudo-events happen to produce dramatic images society becoming characterized by “hyperreality”
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chapter 10 - Globalization & New Media: Issues & Ethics...

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