Mittel “Television Genres as Cultural Categories”

Mittel “Television Genres as Cultural Categories”

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Mittel “Television Genres as Cultural Categories” - Sit-com o Live audience/laugh tracks o Short, simple plot o Setting statys the same o ½ hr o Recurring characters – re-est. of status quo o Episodic - Who defines genre o Industry – relies on genre to produce show selling schedule o Audience – personal preferences o Academics – looking for meaning courses o Journalists – review/analyze program - Types of Analysis o Definitional – core elements (ie: sit-com elements) o Interpretive – explore textual meaning and situate w/some context
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Unformatted text preview: o Historical – look @ genres in timeline-5 Principles of cultural genre analysis o Should account for particular attributes of the medium o Should negotiate b/w specificity and generality (analyze maybe 1 element of genre) o Genre’s histories should be written using discursive genealogies (Ie: network memos) o Genres should be understood in cultural practice (doesn’t remain static changes) o Should be situated large system of cultural hierarchies & power systems...
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