buad 304 lec assingmt 2

buad 304 lec assingmt 2 - Esther Takahashi Section 14739...

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Esther Takahashi Section 14739 Lecture Assignment #2 1. Tom Andrews, Cy Crane, Marge Dector and Megan Harris are a team because they generate a positive synergy through their coordinated effort; their collective work requires joint effort that creates an overall level of performance that is greater than the sum of the input. They are not just a work group. Work groups interact primarily to share information and make decisions to help each member perform within his or her area of responsibility. Work groups do not create a positive synergy. The program that this team develops is the outcome of their coordinated effort. More specifically, they are a virtual team because they use computer technology (primarily email) to tie together physically dispersed members in order to achieve a common goal. There are three criteria that differentiate virtual teams from face to face teams; 1. Absence of paraverbal and non verbal cues. 2. Limited social context (although this team manages to add social context into their e-mails, but none the less it is limited compared to face- to-face teams. 3. The ability to overcome time and space constraints. 2. Everyone who participated in “secretly” utilizing the short cut has behaved unethically. There are three ethical decision criteria in which Cy had to consider so that he makes an ethical decision when the innovation was discovered; 1. The
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buad 304 lec assingmt 2 - Esther Takahashi Section 14739...

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