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inter-cultural - d Patterns – behaviors attached i Power...

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I) Intercultural a. Culture: values/beliefs for a group (but not everyone is the same) i. Religion, food, history, geography, $, politics, language ii. We desire to share our geographical location w/like-minded people iii. Realization of similiarity when you compare yourself with other countries b. 2 Types: i. Intercultural- w/in any given culture & how it interacts w/another (interpersonal) ii. Cross-cultural- comparing a culture w/another c. Ethnocentrism- Tendency towards ones own culture i. Power: more powerful a culture is it can impose views on others
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Unformatted text preview: d. Patterns – behaviors attached i. Power: challenged (aggressive/low self esteem) vs. non (opposite) ii. Collectivist Society (functions as a group) vs. Individualist society (looking for oneself/family) iii. Authoritarian- how much control you have iv. Masculine vs. Feminine Culture v. Uncertainty Avoidance- comfort level in uncertainity vi. Cultural Gaps- some have logical in language vs. leaps in lang (more unspoken going on)...
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