Medieval Communication & Culture

Medieval Communication & Culture - Medieval...

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I) States must ensure that states surpluses are regenerated w/means of production a. Use prisons to maintain stability/work getting done b. Public schools enough qualified workers for economy c. Writing serves states to reproduce means of production II) Greeks and writing a. Does not have to do w/trade b. Not restricted to scribes private, love, fun in writing c. Reflected on writing uses – powers, dangers d. Plato’s phaedrus – warns us (like Socrates) that writing will introduce forgetfulness into the souls of those who learn it ONLY APPEARANCE OF KNOWLEDGE III) Literacy a. Consequences of literacy: i. Oral language will be viewed as a long chain of cultural conversations – all ideas through face-to-face only stored in memory 1. Result: fluctuation/instability, culture immobility – members of communication obsessed w/past, people do not want to admit they forgot (ie: lists of geology) 2. Mythical culture ii. Literate societies cannot forget past – values, beliefs are recorded –
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Medieval Communication & Culture - Medieval...

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