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Class and Gender review

Class and Gender review - if they do they are...

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Class and Gender I) Gender A. Women not in lead roles/”behind the scenes” B. Women’s sports less coverage 1. language – assume confidence in men (ie:”lucky” for good shot) II) Class A. “Some people are more valuable than others” 1. Reduce circulation increase profit (get # from adv) a. to get average income of reader increased - maker price in poor areas higher/reduce prices in wealthy areas 2. Middle class is shown as norm in America even though it’s not B. Entertainment Media 1. domestic- bland situation comedies w/disposable income 2. Little showing of working-class C. News Media 1. Talks about stocks even though 4/5 of families don’t have 2. Don’t talk about how to get welfare/work benefits 3. Reflects middle/upper-class Tuchman- Hearth & Home – Image of Women in the Mass Media I) Television A. Women don’t appear in same professions as men 1. if they do they are incompetent/inferior
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Unformatted text preview: if they do they are incompetent/inferior B. Single women subject more to violence than married women (not true) C. Commercials homemakers (not working-force) II) Magazines A. Show happiness w/man (not working-force) 1. Middle class are less likely to have a job & more likely to buy magazine B. Approve of = pay for = work (but not necessarily of women’s movement) III) Newspaper A. Has begun to cover women’s movement legitimizes it Cantor- Prime-Time Fathers: A Study in Continuity & Choice I) Working-class sitcoms inept fathers/dominant wife (ie: honeymooners) II) Middle-Class sitcoms “super-dad”/mothers use tricks to get her way (family ties) III) Single Parent- favor single dads/singles are constantly looking for love IV) Genres: Men 1. Western/detective macho 2. Soaps evil/corrupt...
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