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study questions class 9

study questions class 9 - favored.you can see which is...

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Origins of Life 1- single cel – 3.7 2- waste product of photosynthetic organisms 3- Artificial simulation of prebiotic early H20 became cloudy new molecules formed – made amino acids 4- indicate energy storage and transfer processes in clays Chemical Reactions 1- The number and typoe of atoms in the reactants and products must be the same Chemical Equilibrium 1- They are reversible reactions reactants and products go forward and reverse 2- when there is a hotter temp 2NO2 (brown) is favored and when it cools down N2O4 (colorless) is
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Unformatted text preview: favored. .you can see which is being favored if it’s dark or light brown What’s in Cell? 1- centrifuge - molecular samples are placed in tubes and rapidly rotated around the central axis mixture of objects will separate according to their relative mass and overall shape. 2- cell contains very large macromolecules that perform most of the essential biological functions of the cell...
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