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The Elements of Life 1) Oxygen- mostly in the form of H2O 2) IRON (Fe) is an element required for transporting oxygen around the body and brain- Insufficient iron in your diet can lead to iron deficiency anemia 3) Arsenic acts as a poison because it has chemical properties that are similar to phosphorous (p) 4) Each chemical elements has a unique set of chemical properties Atomic Structure 1) Neutron (0), proton (+), electron (-) 2) Rutherford’s gold foil experiment 3) ATOMIC NUMBER - specifies the # of electrons, which affects the electron arrangement in
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Unformatted text preview: the atom Mass # - NUMBER reflects a change in the number of neutrons in the nucleus 4) atomic # 5) Same atomic #; Different mass # (diff # of neutrons) 6) mixture - can be separated by its physical properties (ie: density - oil and water) compound - can be decomposed by chemical reactions (ie: 2H2) --> 2H2 + O2) element - can be broken down into simpler substances, It contains only one type of atom 7) continuous spectrum sharp lines 8) Each element has a distinctive line spectrum...
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