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I) Defamation (libel-- written/slander --spoken) a. False statements communicated to others (print, broadcast, electronic) b. When person identified or identifiable c. With actual injury (money, reputation, mental anguish) d. By person behaving is malicious or negligent manner e. Public figures: must show actual malice (material known to be false or published with reckless disregard for the truth) II) Establishing Limits a. Disparaging comments about competition – make sure they are truthful b. Make sure opinions clear and accompanied by relevant fact III) Copyright/Fair Use a. Part of copyrighted material quoted directly – briefly b. Permission required if used in Ads or promotional brochure
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Unformatted text preview: c. Internet – same as those for other media d. Digital Millennium Copyright Act – addresses online material/regulates content e. Deceased celebrities protected IV) Regulatory Agencies a. Federal trade Commission (advertisements, press preleases not misleading or false) b. Securities and exchange Commission c. Food and Drug Administration (advertising and promotion [packaging, labeling] of prescription drugs, over the counter, food V) Food Slander a. Guest on Oprah said Mad Cow could spread in US – Winfrey said she would never eat another hamburger – false statement caused $10 million loss Cattlemen sued Oprah...
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