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I) Risk Communication (conveys risk involved – more believable/not mislead if communicated beforehand) a. Communicating Ahead of Time the Potential Problems with a Product b. Principles: i. More Acceptable if Risk Seen as Voluntary ii. Complexity Enhances Perception of Risk (don’t understand what you’re saying, so won’t take it) iii. Familiarity Breeds Confidence: If Public Understands, Less Risk Perceived (gravity to clarity) Midterm: multiple choice, short-answer, 1 essay Understand concepts, understand how to apply them, understand difficulties of
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Unformatted text preview: getting public opinion Speaker: Types of Crisis communication 1-Entertainment (individual dominates the headlines) – cultural, not public interest 2-Public sector – interest to government, population, not a business 3-Business/private sector Types of Analysis 1-Generalists – capable of doing any given thing at any given moment (don’t have time to differentiae tasks amongst members) 2-...
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