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Caldwell “Convergence Television” - Extending narrative into life outside episode (ie: links, DLs) - Syndications – repeats (repurposing – repackaging shows) - Instead of Nelson ratings can check # of people who click on link - Initial showing not as important - Show on other networks – conglomerates/convergence - Immediate time-frame for show to succeed – numerous platforms to get fan base - Narrative complexity – storylines intertwined – can’t wait one without the others having seen (ie: Lost) Parks “Flexible Microcasting” - Describes the meaning/uses of TV - Convergence of TV and computers class/gender based assumptions
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Unformatted text preview: -Flexible microcasting (extension of narrowcasting) o A new kind of personalized TV, computer, and TV technology are combined o Enhances viewer choice o Process of delivering specific audience to advertisers-“Programming the self” – own programming schedule free of network schedules/affiliation -More passive viewing – blur b/w reality and fantasy-Oprah – help making switch of TV to Internet Sarnoff & Kinter-NBC should create a basic schedule-Not challenging comforting-Weber 9prior) – specials and intellectual programming-Action in telefilms...
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  • Spring '07
  • TelevisionHistoryandForm
  • blur b/w reality, class/gender based assumptions, Enhances viewer choice, flexible microcasting

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