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lecture 4

lecture 4 - III Persuasion a Logos appeal to reason b...

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I) Public Opinion Research a. Primary – Get results from own poll i. Advantages: formulate questions yourself b. Secondary – Results from other polls (from a website) i. Advantages: have better resources, cheaper c. Qualitative – Understanding how people process things d. Quantitative – Narrow results– no depth (don’t know level of dissatisfaction…just yes/no) II) Problems with Polling a. Questions – not enough categories – forced into limited answers b. Sampling – who you sample affects nature of the poll (polls during weekend favor democrats – Republicans are of higher socioeconomic status and tend to not be at home as much as Democrats on the weekend) c. “Social Expectations” – wants to be acceptable answers d. Timing – (better spirited in summer months – more positive answers; historical events may change answers in middle of poll) e. Anecdotal research – last minute
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Unformatted text preview: III) Persuasion a. Logos: appeal to reason b. Pathos: appeal to emotion c. Ethos: appeal to personality, character of speaker (celebrity endorsement) IV) Aristotle a. Circumstances – what is the climate like b. Substance of argument – what are you trying to communicate c. Audience – who are you targeting V) Immanuel Kant a. Categorical Imperative – function as if your actions were universal law VI) Ethics Principles a. Consider what is good for the organization in both the long and short run b. Helping journalists does not necessarily equate to ethical behavior c. Don’t lie or mislead d. OK to withhold information in certain instances (depends if you are a public or private company) VII) First Amendment a. Political Speech: expression in normal conduct of democracy b. Commercial Speech: expression intended to generate marketplace transactions...
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