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COMM 105 Midterm Exam Jeopardy! How to set up: 1. Divide the class into teams. 2. On the chalk/dry-erase board, create six columns, each with a heading (marked with roman numerals). 3. Under each column, write the following point values: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000. 4. The point values correspond to a question: (a) 200; (b) 400; (c) 600; (d) 800; (e) 1000. 5. Make sure you select a daily double question before play begins. 6. You can keep score or have a member of the class keep score. Rules of play: 1. Randomly select a group to choose a category and point value. a. Erase the chosen point value from the corresponding category. 2. Read the corresponding question. Choose a group to answer based on who raised their hand first. a. Students must answer in question form. b. You can assign a time limit to keep students from hoarding a question. 3. If the group gets the question wrong, another group can attempt to answer the question. 4. The group that answers the question correctly chooses the next category and point value. 5. When a group comes across the daily double question, they can wager up to their current total of points. a. They must make this wager before you ask the question. b. If they do not answer correctly, give the correct answer and the group may choose a new category and point value.
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I. Definitions a. Q: This occurs when a listener sends messages, usually nonverbal, to the
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COMM+105+Midterm+Exam+Jeopardy - COMM 105 Midterm Exam...

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